Pass the CompTIA Network+ N10-006 exam and review subnetting with videos, 500+ questions and assistance if needed.

This course provides over 500+ challenging practice questions to help you accomplish your study goals. The questions are separated by topic area to make them digestible and to allow you to strategically tackle your perceived weak points.

Also included are IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting video review lessons! In these videos we will cover:

  • Converting from Binary to Decimal and vice versa
  • IP address structure, subnet masks and network prefixes
  • Converting from subnet masks to CIDR Notation (network prefixes) and vice versa
  • Calculating the number of IP addresses in a given subnet
  • IP address classes
  • Private Address ranges; understanding Public vs Private IP addresses
  • IP Subnetting: What is subnetting? Why do we subnet? How to subnet? Plus worked examples.

Many students tend to get stuck on the finer points of IP Subnetting and they have found these videos to be very helpful. These videos are a $25 value on their own! To ensure that these details stick they come with over 50 IP addressing and subnetting questions with video explanations.

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