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We currently have 3 courses on Udemy all launched in December, 2016. There are approximately 30,000 students enrolled and over 1100 mostly positive reviews. During the last year we’ve been becoming familiar with the platform, promoting our courses and interacting with students. Our experiences have been altogether positive.

The Platform.

The Udemy platform itself allows for a mixture of video lessons, quizzes and pdf handouts to be compiled together into one course.

As instructors we can track new student enrollments and see each student’s progress through the course. By integrating the course landing page with Google Analytics we can also see where the students are coming from. The Udemy platform also provides this information graphically.

Within the course students can ask the instructor questions, interact with other students in the course forum and they also obtain a course certificate on completing the programme.

Course Promotion.

Udemy will promote all courses at their expense. Most enrollments come from students already browsing the Udemy site but Udemy will also advertise popular courses through Google Adwords.

An instructor can also promote their own courses with coupons. A discount coupon can be promoted through any means available to the instructor (web ads, flyers, mailing lists). The coupon can also provide free access to the course.

A popular form of promotion among many Udemy instructors is to create a shorter course and give it away for free with a ‘free’ coupon. The ‘free’ coupon is posted to a number of Facebook coupon groups and other social media sites. The ‘free’ coupon may then be picked up by others and posted elsewhere. The students in this course will be sent monthly promotional emails from the instructor offering discount coupons to their other courses. This method has worked very well for most instructors.

Affiliate Program.

Udemy also has an affiliate program with a 50/50 revenue share. This affiliate program is one of the most generous programs in the business. Any course sold by an affiliate earns them 50% of the sale price as a commission. Instructors can also become affiliates and earn extra revenue by promoting other Udemy courses to their students. Ultimately many students purchase multiple courses on a particular subject. There is an opportunity for instructors to share from each other’s success.

Customer Support.

Udemy seeks to provide hassle free customer support to it’s students. If someone isn’t happy with a course they can get a full refund within 30 days of enrollment. They also respond within 24 hours to most customer questions.

For instructors there is also a closed Facebook support group. Instructors can request help from other instructors and the community is very supportive.


Anyone can join Udemy and become an instructor earning passive income from the courses they sell. Our experiences have been very positive. If you think there is a skill you can teach very well we would recommend that you give it a try. You can also join the affiliate program and earn passive income by selling other instructors’ courses.

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